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What is a story? A story is a bridge. It is a connection between storyteller and listener. When you tell someone a story, you give a part of yourself to that someone and they get to take it and keep it with them and add the experiences contained within it to their own experiences.

I can’t remember a time in which stories weren’t important to me: I was born in a small, woodsy town outside of Boston. It would get very dark at night and very scary outside and before bed each night, my mother read to me from whatever book. And so, from the beginning, stories and the sharing of stories have been synonymous with love and safety, completeness, happiness. When I was in middle school, a storyteller came and did a recitation during an assembly. He performed the story of Odysseus and the cyclops Polyphemus and it was in watching him, in hearing the way he spoke and feeling how he held my attention and the attention of whole school, that I learned about the power of storytelling. I wrote from an early age too: My very first piece was a picture book entitled “Taco”: “This is a taco. This taco was good.” #Brilliant. 

I have not always been a writer, though. In college, I studied Economics. After graduating, I was a teacher at a school in Jamaica Plain, Boston. I’ve been a video producer, amateur graffiti artist and the founder of a non-profit (which I still help run). Then in 2013, I moved to New York City wrote for Thrillist Media Group. Then, I wrote a novel about two brothers unraveling a family mystery in NYC. My newest work, which fills this website, focuses on experiential journalism, short fiction, personal essays, a life-suggestion series called “What I’m…” and a series of real, live, in-person events called #ExploreBrooklyn.

I hope you enjoy all of the above.

Brian Alexander
Brooklyn, New York 2018

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