Category: What I’m Drinking

Every week, Brian suggests a new bar to check out or a new drink recipe to whip up. Most of the suggested bar are in Brooklyn. Most of the suggested drink recipes are don’t require a PhD in Mixology and a federally-funded lab to concoct.

“This was the part he did not like on the road into town. This was really the part he carried the drink for. I drink against poverty, dirt, four-hundred-year-old dust, the nose-snot of children, cracked palm fronds, roofs made from hammered tin, the shuffle of untreated syphilis, sewage in the old beds of brooks, live on the bar necks of ingested poultry, scale on the backs of old men’s necks, the smell of old women, and the full-blast radio, he thought. It is a hell of a thing to do. I out to look at it closely and do something about it. Instead you have your drink the way they carried smelling salts in the old days. No. Not quite that, he thought.”

—Ernest Hemingway, ‘Islands in the Stream’

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