Category: The Bi-Weekly Poem Review

Every two weeks, Brian Alexander picks a poem, transcribes it, then offers it to you to read (with a little background story and explanation). This content is for lovers of poetry, lovers of words and just lovers in general. The authors that appear frequently are Ezra Pound, Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, Sylvia Plath, James Merrill, Walt Witman, Gil Scott Heron, Charles Bukowski, Nikki Giovanni, Josh Ritter, William Carlos Williams, Kenneth Koch and more.

“Instead of lowering your head and copping to it like a man, you pick up the journal as one might hold a baby’s beshatted diaper, as one might pinch a recently benutted condom. You glance at the offending passages. Then you look at her and smile a smile your dissembling face will remember until the day you die. Baby, you say, baby, this is part of my novel.”

—Junot Diaz, ‘This Is How You Lose Her’