Category: The Friday Column

Every week, Brian writes a column about something that has happened to him that week, something pertinent in the news or something completely random that struck his fancy and he thinks you might enjoy. Writing is like running: It takes muscles and the more consistently you exercise these muscles, the more in shape they’ll be. Writing every day is the best way to write and producing something of quickly and of quality is the hardest thing about writing. This is what Brian tries to accomplish with his weekly column.

“The difficult parts he had dreaded he now faced one after another and as he did the people, the country, the days and the nights, and the weather were all there as he wrote. He went on working and he felt as tired as if he had spent the night crossing the broken volcanic desert and the sun had caught him and the others with the gray lakes still ahead. He could feel the weight of the heavy double-barreled rifle carried over his shoulder, his hand on the muzzle and he tasted the pebble in his mouth.”

–Ernest Hemingway, ‘The Garden of Eden’