Category: Travel

Below are a series of travel essays written by Brian Alexander. Basically, he goes to a place, then writes about it. Topics include travel to Argentina, France, the United Kingdom, San Diego, Minnesota and more. His reviews include driving beautiful roads, staying at beautiful hotels, seeing beautiful things. Or driving, staying and seeing horribly terrible things; sometimes he does make mistakes–and those are often far more entertaining than when things go well.

“At night, by the fires all around the market, seated on sacks of barrels or stretched out on piles of carpets, at each word that one man says—such as ‘wolf,’ ‘sister,’ ‘hidden treasure,’ ‘battle,’ ‘scabies,’ ‘lovers’—the others tell, each one, his tales of wolves, sisters, treasures, scabies, lovers, battles. And you know that in the long journey ahead of you, when to keep awake against the camel’s swaying or the junk’s rocking, you start summoning up your memories one by one, your wolf will have become another wold, your sister a different sister, your battle other battles.”

–Italo Calvino, ‘Invisible Cities’

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