Eight My Mind Counts

The Eight My Mind Counts (Will Not Fit)

And when the rest of real life
Had been put back to bed to sleep,
The other life began to come.
And at some times the other life
Was just a patter in polite-
ly slippered feet, but some nights
It came with the thundering of
Bulls’ hooves and I lay shutter-
ed, thinking that the foundations
Of my bed frame were far too weak
To accommodate their party and
The fountain’s walls were far too shal-
low to hold back the waves the hooves-
es made. And then I think of call-
ing out or messaging and caus-
ing then a mess meant not for my
Real world. And then i do
Do those things and end up no close-
Er or if anything farther
Away, because the hooves are in-
Side me and none of those whose num-
bers that I have can reach inside
Of me. And I know no bull whis-
perers and no carpenters who
Can raise the fountain walls to the
Appropriate height because my
Other (2) life, my inside life, whose
Patters and pitters and thunder
-ing tremblers will not fit into
The space that my life and my clock
Have allotted them.

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[The above photo, I took in San Fransisco in 2014]

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