Explore Brooklyn


One of the reasons I didn’t like writing the novel that I wrote was that it involved no other people. Most of us think that our lives would be immensely improved if we didn’t have to deal with people–if we didn’t have to put up with the constant chatter of co-workers, nagging of bosses, whining of clients, customers, kids, spouses or any other human on the face of planet earth. But that chatter and nagging and whining was exactly what I came to miss in the course of my one-, two-, three-years of daily aloneness as I chipped away at the novel.

So, after I finally finished the manuscript, I wanted to get back to the world and also get outside and interface with the real, live world that is out there beyond my apartment door in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Enter: The #ExploreBrooklyn Event Series, where every month we do a different gathering somewhere in the borough. Sometimes that gathering is playing bocce and table tennis on the Brooklyn Waterfront. Other times, it’s throwing axes in Gowanus. Or wine tasting in Prospect Park. Or Red Hook distilleries and breweries run. Or some other amazing idea that I haven’t thought up yet, but will by the time we have to plan the next one.

Anyway, these are things that you should join in on and for more information, check out the #ExploreBrooklyn posts and/or you can follow my FacebookTwitterInstagram  and sign up for the Standard Alexander Newsletter, which is how we first announce up-coming events.

Merci beaucoup,

Brian Alexander

P.S. Here are some pictures of past events, which prove that it’s real.