Too Long Since

It’s Been Too Long Since We’ve Met

It’s been too long since we’ve met
And your curves I’ve memorized,
From a far,
Too far.
And tasting you,
That’s fine.
Too many conversations
Words in between us,
Too many advices I’ve given you,
On other men,
And not indulged myself.
How do I hide what I want
Strike it from my face,
Burry it low and over-grown with vines
And lines of lies and early partings.
Is it a sin to want to spend the night?
Will it change too many things?
Change them for the worse.
Or risk them for the better.
How many times have we been face to face?
Or your head in my lap,
So close to what I want,
But the directions all wrong.
I’m telling you, begging you,
Searching for the right words to make it.
Let me pour these drinks.
Two for you and two for me.
It’s red, like the color I feel for you.
Red like the flags they might raise.
We just won’t tell them.
There are no spies here tonight.
Just you and me,
What are we besides just us?
Because I call you friend?
Why can’t I use a different name?

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[The above photo, I took in Larmor-Baden, France in 2014]

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